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Actually... -read AC- by Riegella Actually... -read AC- by Riegella
In response to all the stamps/comments that say you cannot be a Christian if you like yaoi and yuri. Comments disabled for that same reason also. Because I know I'll anger most other Christians here, I'm just saying what I feel in my heart is true. Please do not flame me, you'll just look immature.

I like yaoi and yuri, I support gay rights and gay marriage, AND most importantly, I am a Christian. You may think those things don't go together but trust me, they do. I have gone through feelings of guilt and doubting if what I do is right, but after a while, I acknowledge that it is so. I know what the Bible "says" about homosexuality (as a matter of fact, it doesn't explicitly say homosexuality is a sin per se) actually, I've read up about it, it's actually a mistranslation of the oh so famous word "arsenokoite", there's several essays on dA about it if you care to give it a look. If you read this, this will explain all: [link] If you're a Christian in the same position as me, do not feel ashamed. Let God judge you, not any religious fanatics who give the religion a bad name.

EDIT: Okay, so some of you are noting me over this. Some of you are polite about it and agreed with me, asking me only about side issues like gay sex (which I am not reffering to the "hentai" type of yaoi and yuri here) and gays having families, but some are trying to convince me otherwise, that what I believe is not right. DON'T DO THAT. God says DO NOT HATE. And did Jesus condemn homosexuals? No!
I can understand if you may not like yaoi/yuri because of your beliefs, but some people are in the exact same boat as I am. I don't want to go into debate here, just please, if you are going to send me a note over this, don't try to convince me to change my opinion; I'll ignore and delete the note. And if you're particularly rude, I'll block you. Consider that a warning. And don't try calling my attention on my page either; not only will I hide your comment (and if you persist or are particularly rude, block you), you also run the risk of being banned. Don't.

And I can't express my gratitude enough to the people who fave this. Thanks in advance. =D

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November 13, 2010
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